• 511099

Surgical masks, 3 ply (50), PA126 - PA126

Technical Data (3)
Brand Peach
Peach Product Code 511099 (PA126)
EAN 7640460545463
Type IIR medical masks are recommended for healthcare personnel, patients and all others to reduce the spread of infection due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Type IIR mask for medical use, compliant with standard EN 14683, thus providing an appropriate antimicrobial barrier, is effective in reducing the release of infectious agents originating from the nose and mouth of a patient or a person presenting clinical symptoms or who is asymptomatic, particularly during an epidemic or pandemic, as is the case with COVID-19.
The standard EN 14683 specifies the manufacturing, design and performance requirements, as well as the test methods relating to medical face masks intended to limit the transmission of infectious agents from members of the medical team to patients during surgical and other medical procedures with similar requirements.

This 3-layer mask for medical use is a medical device, usually consisting of a filter layer positioned, bonded or pressed between layers of non-woven fabric. It must not disintegrate, separate or tear during its intended use.
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