Peach Product Code Description
510456 Peach 8-Digit Calculator PR652, Dual Power (battery, solar)

Minuscule but mighty!  
510454 Peach 8-Digit Calculator PR650, Dual Power (battery, solar)

The Robust Performer  
510457 Peach 12-Digit Calculator PR660, Dual Power (battery, solar)

Ergonomically-designed keys and an especially large LC display for relaxed, stress-free operation.  
510458 Peach 12-Digit Calculator PR661, Dual Power (battery, solar)

The large, swivelling, 12-digit LC display combines with the supersized keypad for extra user convenience.  
510461 Peach 12-Digit Desktop Calculator PR671, built in AC adapter

The Multitalent  
510466 Peach AC adapter for calculators, PRA100-01

Forget about the annoying change of batteries, AC adapter compatible with Peach calculators PR670 and PR680  
313613 Ink roll, black, Gr. 744, IR40

suitable for use in Peach desktop calculator PR680, 1212 E  
313614 Ink roll, black/red, Gr. 745, IR40T

suitable for use in
Peach desktop calculator PR670, 1214E and PR671, 1224E  
316572 Ink ribbon, black/red, Gr. 51

suitable for use in Peach desktop calculator PR672, 1234E